About Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a village within the town of Ellington, Connecticut. The 200 acre lake for which it is named is situated both in Ellington and Stafford.

Long ago, the Nipmuc Indian lived on the northern shore and named the lake Wabbaquassett meaning "place where the cattails grow". Later settlers had named it Square Lake for its shape and Ruby Lake for the garnets that were discovered in the nearby hills surrounding the lake. The natural freshwater lake's maximum depth is 50 feet with an average depth of 20 feet. The lake is surrounded by a sandy beach and forests of pine, chestnut, oak and hickory. The dam is to the north side.

In 1889, the name was changed to Crystal Lake. It used to be a popular resort in the late 1800s with people coming from miles around to enjoy lakeside activities. The entire shore of Crystal Lake is line with residential homes of year-round inhabitants as well as seasonal vacationers.

The south side of the lake has a public beach called Sandy Beach and has fees associated with the use of it for both residents and non-residents. The beach is considered in full season swing from the middle of June to the middle of August. The beach has a variety of summertime activities including swimming lessons.

There is a public boat launch on the western side of the lake with limited parking near the ramp and a sanitary facility. There are no restaurants, sanitary facilities or public docking on the lake. Sailboats can enjoy a calm, laid back time out on the lake on Sundays between 12pm and 3pm when boat speeds are reduced to 5mph.The lake is well known for its fishing. It is stocked with trout, Atlantic salmon and bass. The lake association hosts yearly bass tournaments.